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My Academics

Cumulative GPA – 93.7 Graduation Year – May 2022 Junior Year Final Report Grades Course […]

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Jalyn Miller Elite Volleyball Player

The best choice for your 2022-2023 team

About Me

I’m Jalyn Miller, and I have had the pleasure of being at Tower Hiller for the past 13 years. I have had the chance to experience the value of our amazing institution and deeply appreciate the expansive knowledge our school has taught me. Despite the countless accolades I can attribute to our school, I am adamant in pushing for improvement. There is always room for additional development and continued progress, and I intend to spearhead these efforts to build a better future for Tower Hill.

My Aspirations

My main focus for next year is to cultivate a warm, welcoming and inclusive Upper School community where I advocate for what the Upper School, as a whole, wants to see. Every person’s thoughts, ideas, and desires are important to me, and I will be sure to reflect the desires of the whole Upper School student body as best I can and maintain my commitment for working for the students.

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“Your passions become my aspirations and your desires become my goals. Through everything, my fellow students will always be at the forefront of my concern.”

– Jalyn Miller